Height: 5,1' (157 cm)

Weight: 95 lb (43 kg)

Cock: 13" (33 cm)

Location: Sydney

Age: 18

Christine is the most slender girl of all who were on the bus during the explosion. Usually she's modest and doesn't talk too much, but when her dick becomes hard and she gets horny as a hell, Christine turns into another person. It just happened that she got the biggest dick in the group, but she wants to get rid of this sudden upgrade. That's why she wants to enter the University of Sydney, Molecular Biology & Genetics.

Height: 5,7' (175 cm)

Weight: 105 lb (47 kg)

Cock: 10,5" (26,7 cm)

Location: Los Angeles

Age: 20

Amanda was always a difficult girl. So she is now. In endless clubbing nights she used to fuck with different girls and boys with no distinction. With her a bit modest friend Nicole they live life to the fullest, going to clubs and initiating the hottest sex orgies. After the last incedent in Morocco, Amanda had a huge dick grown near her pussy. She even liked it, cause now the girls have not a day go by they wouldn't fuck someone.

Height: 5,8' (178 cm)

Weight: 109 lb (50 kg)

Cock: 11,4" (29 cm)

Location: Los Angeles

Age: 20

In spite of the fact that Nicole is a little bit modest and her friend Amanda is kinda kinky and naughty, they are very good friends. They even look alike. Before the incident Nicole was an intelligent college student but after she was infected by a mutagen and got acquainted with desperate Amanda, her life has changed completely. Both girls love to go clubbing and fuck with guys and girls, it makes no difference and when there is no one to fuck with, they are drilling each other. Now Nicole is working in the Irish pub as a waitress.

Height: 5,9' (180 cm)

Weight: 127 lb (58 kg)

Cock: 12" (30,4 cm)

Location: New York

Age: 19

Aisha is a cute brunette babe with a beautiful fit body. That’s why she’s strong, flexible and very sexy. Sometimes she gets fucked by the guys from the team and prefers to have all her holes deeply drilled at the same time. Sometimes she likes to fuck the gals from the cheerleader’s team by herself. She is able to satisfy 5-6 horny sluts and she does it in such a way, that after the orgy they can’t move for a few days.

Height: 5' (153 cm)

Weight: 90 lb (41 kg)

Cock: 13" (33 cm)

Location: Philly

Age: 18

Priya is not a dickgirl but an Indian TS originally from Philadelphia. She moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and met Aisha in a chatroom for dickgirls. Although not a dickgirl, Priya fit in right away with the other girls and quickly became part of the group. The other girls always tease Priya for having balls, acting silly. her love of pantyhose/tights and being a nerd in college with a 4.0 GPA. Priya's mom is constantly away on business so the other girls know Priya's house and bedroom very well. Although she would rather have a cock in her dainty rosebud ass, Priya does not shy away sticking her big brown Indian cock in a juicy pussy or tight asshole.

Height: 5,6' (168 cm)

Weight: 125 lb (57 kg)

Cock: 11" (28 cm)

Location: Los Angeles

Age: 35

Alexis is the oldest of the group. She got her MBA at Harvard School of Business and now has a position as an Executive Vice President for a Fortune 500 company. Although as horny as all the other girls, Alexis does not have sex with everyone she can like the girls. Alexis gets the most out of the women that work for her because she uses her cock for a reward! Needless to say, the branch Alexis runs is always at the top of the company! Alexis does have one weakness, pretty assistants!

Height: 5,6' (168 cm)

Weight: 88 lb (40 kg)

Cock: 10" (25 cm)

Location: London

Age: 21